We do Special Occasion a bit differently—to get you the most value from these important purchases, Terese picks styles that will look great at many venues, not just one! So you can look good at your initial event, and then wear it again elsewhere and feel just as special as the first time.

Being able to wear a great outfit many times creates what we call Value per Wearing. The more often you wear something, the better you feel in it and the more value it creates for you, vs. just wearing something once to one event! It’s really how Terese approaches all her design decisions!

We carry many unique and upscale lines that can be worn as a Mother of the Bride, but additionally to professional meetings, holiday parties, corporate gatherings, and as a wedding guest.

During any event, the most important part is that you feel confident and comfortable and that the garment you have selected is appropriate for any occasion and venue. From colors and patterns complementing your complexion to lengths that will make you comfortable all day long, our experienced stylists will help with find just the perfect match for any of your special occasions.

Think about what you usually feel good wearing and then take it to the next level.