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Denim is no longer taking the back seat as a basic piece…it’s turning into a statement piece! This season we are seeing denim done in so many different ways that you can’t help but go out and buy yourself one of these fun new styles. Below are some noteworthy denim trends for 2017.

1.Statement Hem. This includes the raw or unfinished hem that has been trending for a few seasons. You will also see a “staggered” hem which means the front of the hem is shorter than the back or vise versa!

2. Embroidery. This is a huge trend for fall with floral embroidery being a favorite design. Look for embroidery in bright hues as well as tone on tone styles. Don’t be afraid to embrace the embroidery! You will see it everywhere this fall, including here at Terese Zache.

3. Prints. From bold to micro prints be prepared to see some printed denim! Floral and camo prints will be trending in particular. We have a pair of JAG jeans coming in with an ombre speckled print that will be an easy way to wear this trend!

4. Patchwork. Not into the distressed look? Patchwork is a great way to wear the worn in jean look without all the rips and tears. Double trend alert: Be on the lookout for a pair of printed patchwork pants in our store!


5. Cropped Flare. Your favorite cropped jeans now come with a flare at the bottom! You will often see the cropped flare jean with a raw hem. Pair these with a heeled shoe to polish off the look!


6. Two-toned. From half and half to a small tuxedo stripe on the side, light and dark denim are becoming one! This style of novelty denim is fairly easy to wear. We have a pair in store now, stop in and give them a try!


Now that you have your official list of denim trends… go out, have a little fun and add a novelty jean to your closet!

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