NIC+ZOE 4-Way Cardy

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The NIC+ZOE 4-way cardy has taken Terese Zache Boutique by storm this spring! We have crowned it our “item of the season” because of its versatility and ease that so many of our customers love. We could tell you more about why women love this cardigan but we thought you should hear from them! These three testimonials really sum up why this piece is a must have:

“LOVE the 4 Way Cardy! Excellent piece to bring along on any trip. Versatile, comfortable and offers you 4 possible looks. Everyone should have one!”

“Love these and own five in different colors. Particularly like that I can cover my 60′ s upper arms but still stay cool.”

“This cardy is such a great buy! It’s easy, versatile and goes with everything. Great wardrobe staple!”

If you have never tried the 4-way cardy, stop in and see what all the buzz is about! We currently have white and black available. If you want to learn more about the 4 different ways you can wear it click the link below for a quick 1 minute video!

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