It’s time to loosen up!

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For the past decade it feels as though skinny jeans have been the standard in denim. Though we predict this slimming staple will remain in our wardrobes, we are finally seeing a shift to a more relaxed pant style.

Terese always reports on current trends when she arrives back from her buying trips in New York and Chicago. For the past three seasons wide leg pants have always been noted as an upcoming trend. We even brought a few styles into the store and unfortunately many of our culottes and boyfriend jeans earned a spot on the sale rack.

This season is a different story. We are finally seeing a shift! We feel like our customers are loving the relaxed pant styles more than ever.  From loose linen pants to comfy culottes that feel (but don’t look!) like PJ’s, we are noticing that these styles are the hot sellers this time around. Peek inside any fashion magazine or blog and you will see that the wide leg pant styles have taken over!  It took a few seasons but we think it’s finally time to slip out of those skinny jeans and try something new and more relaxed!

Since this is such a booming trend, you will have lots of options while shopping for your perfect wide leg pant. The length, leg width and fabric will vary from style to style. Not all relaxed pants are created equal! Finding the right one for your body type is key. Also consider that you can wear this trend casual or dressy. We have relaxed denim and linen for daytime and flowy chiffon and pleated styles for night time.

If you plan on adding some relaxed pants to your wardrobe you may want to think about getting at least a few basic fitted tops to pair back to them. Many of us have built our wardrobe around skinny jeans with looser more tunic style tops that don’t always work with a loose fitting pant. Luckily, we are here to help! Keep your top basic and let your pants be the statement of the outfit. You will find many of the relaxed style pants are printed so having a few solid color tops to fall back on is always helpful.

We hope this inspired you to loosen up (literally) and try something new for spring! Check out a few of our favorite relaxed pant styles below.





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