Fall’s color story

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Back in June when we were just warming up to summer Pantone announced its Autumn/Winter 2016 color palette. Now we are fully immersed in fall and ready to embrace the warm hues that Pantone presented us with for the next 6 months. Now let’s talk some serious color!

Pantone revealed color is going to be moving toward more grounded shades for the fall season. Shades like spicy reds and burnt oranges will be playing alongside florals and natures greenery. Did a certain decade just pop in to mind? That’s right! The 70’s are yet again finding their way into our fashion world. Pantone’s president describes this year’s color vibe with phrases such as “laid back”, “free-spirited” and “rootedness”. That sounds good to us!


Last year’s color of the year was the wine inspired hue Marsala and you will see that shade staying the course for this year as well. Even though Marsla will continue to trend we found that our customers didn’t fully embrace it in the past. Terese decided to bring in just a small group of Marsala for fall. Don’t worry though, we have lots of other new and exciting colors on their way for fall 2016! For instance, you will see lots of orange influenced reds in our store this fall. We love how sharp this color looks paired with navy and denim. As for green it is going to go one of two ways- either more of a yellow chartreuse or an olive oil led. Pair this with grey for an edgy feel. If you love blue you will have plenty to choose from this season! Blues will be moving away from the classic indigo and towards a lighter more sophisticated shade. Of course we won’t forget our favorite neutrals like classic black, sandy beige, and off white.  Gray will be a staple neutral as it is needed to work with so many of the fall colors this year.pantone-blog-2

We are excited and ready to welcome fall’s beautiful palette of colors. We hope you join us in embracing them and have a little fun with color this season!

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