5 Things to Pack

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Exploring the streets of Europe? Relaxing at the beach? No matter where in the world you are going these are the 5 things we think you should pack no matter what!


1.Versatile Jacket

Whether it’s a breezy night or the AC is blasting in the airport having a jacket to fall back on is a must! Try to bring something semi light weight. That way you aren’t carrying around a heavy piece but it still offers that extra layer of warmth.

2.Stylish and comfortable sweatshirt

Most times we go on vacation to relax right? So don’t forget to bring some of your most comfortable pieces to relax in! You will thank yourself for packing that sweatshirt during your morning hike or at night around the campfire.

3. Easy care and wear dress

Having a no fuss dress you love to wear is an important part of your travel capsule! Wear it around town and out to lunch or maybe dress it up for dinner. Either way, not having to coordinate a top and a bottom makes life so much easier!

4. Pull on style jeans

What’s worse then sitting on the plane with the button of your pants digging into your stomach? Talk about uncomfortable! Jeans with a flat elastic waistband are a favorite here at the store. They are not only comfortable to sit down in but are also flattering!


5. Small cross body zip up handbag.

Totes are great for traveling through the airport but once get to your destination ditch the big clunky bag for a little one you can sling on! This not only lets you move around better but it keeps your valuables closer to you. Don’t forget to zip your bag up!


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