What’s in a name?

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Over the past 13 years Terese Zache Designs has gone through its fair share of changes. Changes in brands, changes in locations, and now a slight change of name! Terese Zache Designs will be changing its name to Terese Zache Boutique. No fear! This modification is small but we are hoping in this world of search engines this will help people find and understand our store better.

This change gives us the chance to share with you the vibrant history of Terese Zache Designs. In 1981 Terese opened the original Terese Zache Designs, but it’s not quite the store you know today. The original Terese Zache Designs was a custom clothing design business from Terese’s very own studio.Terese designed original pieces that were worn to the White House, Grammy’s, Miss USA pageant and many other prestigious events.

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Terese’s old studio

In 2003 Terese decided she wanted to bring her made to order styles into a retail setting. This is when she opened Terese’s Zache Design’s first retail location in Greenway Station. Terese was designing pieces and then having them manufactured in Chicago. Her original designs were available for purchase when the store first opened, along with some of her favorite ready to wear brands. Her pieces were a hit, within the first month they had all sold out! At this point Terese knew she had to keep the store full but there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to be a designer and a buyer. She ended up deciding to only fill the store with outside vendors due to time constraints.  Even though her designs were in the store for just a short period of time the “Designs” aspect of the name stuck!

Buying in NYC

So why the change now? We found that the word “designs” could be confused for multiple other types of businesses. New customers could easily think we sell furniture, jewelry, artwork, the list goes on! We truly are a boutique and by adding that to our name we hope that we can be more easily identified as a unique women’s clothing and accessory store.

Besides the change in name you will also notice our upgraded website! We hope you enjoy scrolling your way through our fashionable new site. There you can see a snapshot of what is in the store and get some great fashion inspiration! You may have noticed a while back we lost our royal blue bags and logo. We have now transitioned over to a silver metallic bag and logo to offer as a more neutral backdrop. In addition to these changes, we will be bringing on a few new brands but also featuring some of favorites. We are excited about great fall styles coming from Aldo Martins, Bianca, Elliot Lauren, Gerry Weber, NIC + ZOE, Damask, Lilla P and many more exclusive brands.

We hope these changes are effective and positive for our current and new customers! Thank you for all the years of continued support. We hope you learned a little something new about Terese Zache Designs today!


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