Tights vs. Leggings vs. Jeggings

Leggings have been an essential part of our wardrobe for almost 10 years now. You may think leggings are a pretty straight forward concept but not all are clear on the true definition. We most often see our customers mixing up tights, leggings and jeggings. We are here to explain the difference between each of these! Lets start with tights.


Tights are a sheer or opaque close-fitting garment, typically made of nylon or other knitted yarn. They normally cover your feet and are worn with dresses or skirts. Tights are not to be worn as pants as they are often see through. You can find tights in all kinds of patterns and colors. If you want a tried and true basic, our favorite are Spanx tights.

Spanx Tights, $34


Leggings are a footless style of stretchy bottoms often made of spandex, cotton or faux leather. Leggings CAN be worn as pants, but you have to be a little careful when styling them. We usually recommend wearing your leggings with a tunic  or cardigan that is long enough to cover your back-side. Leggings can go causal or dressy depending on what top you pair them with. We recommend our C’est Moi bamboo leggings because of their comfortable fit and breathable fabric.

C’est Moi Leggings, $36


Jeggings are a more recent trend that is a comfortable marriage of jeans and leggings! Jeggings have a pull on waist band unlike the button and zip on regular jeans. They normally have faux pockets in the front and functional pockets in the back. Jeggings are usually made from denim or a thicker spandex. The sturdy fabric and pockets allow you to style these with almost any kind of top, although we do suggest wearing your blouses and tops over the waistband instead of  tucking them in. Some of our favorite jeggings are from Liverpool.

Liverpool Jeggings, $89