6 gifts anyone would love

Gifting season is upon us! We think giving is even more fun than getting, especially when you are excited about the gift you bought for someone. The not so fun part? Hitting a gift idea road block. Here are 6 gifts we think anyone would love!


1.Illume Candles

You may think, “Been there and done that” when you think of candles as a gift but this luxury line of candles is on another level! Beautiful packaging and amazing scents set these candles apart. Our Illume candles range in price from $10-$54.



2. Gleener Fuzz Remover

The Gleener helps to remove pilling and will make almost any fabric look brand new! It’s like magic. This would make a great stocking stuffer because, let’s be honest, we all have something in our closet that could use a little “de-fuzzing”!  Gleeners come in a compact to-go size for $15 or a regular size for $19.95.


3. Cashmere Accessories

Who doesn’t love cashmere? There is just something special about getting cashmere during the holidays. Anyone would swoon over a pair of cashmere gloves or a scarf. The reversible cashmere gloves pictured below are $95 and the two toned scarf is $189.


4. Hobo Passport Holder

No matter if your loved one has a trip in the books or just in their heart, who wouldn’t love this trusty travel companion? These wallets are made with buttery soft leather and embossed with Hobo’s travel mantra: “NOWHERE TO GO BUT EVERYWHERE”. This wallet is also available in black and retails for $54.

5. C’est Moi Turtlenecks and Leggings

C’est Moi makes great basics but in an ultra comfortable bamboo fabric! We recommend their leggings or turtlenecks for a gift. Their leggings are not only extremely comfortable but the bamboo fabric is breathable enough that you can wear it almost year round! The fur lined leggings are a favorite stocking stuffer for someone who is always cold. The turtle necks are the perfect versatile layering piece. Whether you wear it out to walk the dog or under your jacket for work, you will be grabbing for these all winter long! These bamboo basics range from $32 -$38. Read our latest blog post here to learn more about C’est Moi.


6. Gift Cards

Many people think that gift cards are just an easy way out but we know the person receiving them is more than happy to go on a little shopping spree! Plus, you can now purchase our gift cards online and we will ship them to you for free! How easy is that? Click here to order a Gift Card online now.