spring 2018



Stripes are a signature look for spring but this year the classic horizontal stripes are turning over and showing us their vertical ways! Many people will welcome this trend with open arms. Vertical stripes are known to be more flattering than their horizontal counterparts.

You will see stripes in all different colors and thicknesses but black and white stripes are going to be especially popular.


cropped denim

If you haven’t noticed, denim has been enjoying its time in the fashion spotlight lately. This season, we are crowning cropped jeans as our top denim trend. Get ready to see this style taking over streets in a number of ways. Flared crops are going to be huge in 2018. You will continue to see cropped styles with unfinished hems and appliques as well.

Get used to baring your ankles because this short trend will not be short lived. It is becoming the new norm for pant lengths.

Polka Dots

Polka dots may seem like a juvenile print to some but they are having a well-deserved fashion moment this spring. From micro to bolder prints, designers are using this nostalgic look in a new and refreshed way.

Polka dots give off a fun and playful vibe but can be styled to look sophisticated and chic.


pastel takeover

Pastels are a classic spring trend. This year a few colors in particular are reigning over other hues. Lavender is said to be a huge color for spring but you will also see shades such as light blue and blush pink.

Wear this feminine trend with white pants for a fresh look or pair it back to black for something more edgy.

soft silhouettes

We all love our skinny jeans but the shift to pants with softer silhouettes are coming, we promise! Whether it’s a flowy palazzo style pant or a relaxed fitting jean, you can wear this comfortable trend in a number of ways.

We think this trend works well if you pair your relaxed pants with a  structured or fitted top. But don’t be afraid to play around with these silhouettes. Sometimes a head to toe oversized look works!