FALL 2017


From vibrant colors (hello “Power Red”) to couch florals, there are a lot statements that can be made this fall season. Even the simple addition of a pair of loud tights will bring your wardrobe into the here and now. You don’t have to reinvent your entire wardrobe this fall.  It might require just a few staple pieces to make you fashionable this fall.

With many designers bringing feathers, Victorian collars and velvet into the runway, here are just a few that caught our attention.


Embroidered details to inspire a tension between tough and whimsical. Jean jackets with back panel stitching, army-inspired shirts and sweatshirt embroidery are amazing upgrades to many pieces.  This trend supports the floral craze for Autumn 2017.

Other popular items with embroidered details, shown on the runways, were leather and denim jackets. The actual patterns and stitching ranged from southwestern patterns to lettering and floral.

Pair it with jeans or corduroys.




Tapestry Patterns

Folk is back, but this time with grown-up appeal. Tapestry fabrics can be worked easily into any autumnal wardrobe.  A collared coat or western-style boots are surprisingly wearable and make a stylish change from the girlie florals of summer.


Introduced in pre-fall collections, camouflage is here to stay this fall. Seems like a relevant pattern, promoted by celebrities across the globe.  Go with the urban look for blending in or standing out!